Politburo Projection Contest!

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Politics

With the conclusion of the Beidaihe leadership retreat, it’s safe to assume that the shadowy horse-trading is over and the next Politburo has been decided. We’re now just waiting to hear the date of the 18th Party Congress – at which time the CCP will be so kind as to inform us who they’ve decided will run China for the next five years.

But who will reign at the top in the Politburo Standing Committee (PBSC) and determine the course of the world’s biggest nation?

You tell me.

This is a contest to see which of my dear readers can correctly predict the 9 (or 7, or 11?) leaders that will make up the new PBSC. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card, but more importantly, they’ll forever be immortalized here as Sino-Political Dork Guru!


1. Write out the names of who you think will make up the PBSC and rank them. For instance, the current order is:

  1. Hu Jintao
  2. Wu Bangguo
  3. Wen Jiabao
  4. Jia Qinglin
  5. Li Changchun
  6. Xi Jinping
  7. Li Keqiang
  8. He Guoqiang
  9. Zhou Yongkang

To win, you need only guess the correct makeup, not the correct order. The ranking will just be used as a tie-breaker (or to show how incredibly brilliant you are). However, you must get the number of people right. So if you guess 7 correctly and there ends up being 9 people on the PBSC, tough luck.

2. Put down your guess and your name and send it to sinostand@gmail.com with the subject line “Politburo Projection” by September 1st .

3. Obviously, winners will be announced whenever we find out – which could be anytime from September to November. If you win I’ll contact you about what info you’d like published here (ie – name, blog, organization, twitter name, etc.).

4. If there are multiple winners, I’ll post whoever’s right, but the ranking will break a tie for the gift card. If there are multiple correct rankings, only the first submission I received will get the gift card (which will be sent electronically).

5. Only one guess per person. Yes, you could hypothetically submit several guesses under different emails and names, but this is for fun, so don’t be an asshole.

Will the first woman ever make the cut? Will Bo Xilai make the comeback of the century? Do some digging and make your guess. Nobody but me will ever know you tried unless you’re right, so take a shot and perhaps build your China credentials.

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  1. kingtubby1 says:

    Another version of the Sports Book.

  2. Bart says:

    Google “Romney AND ‘White Horse Prophecy'”

  3. FOARP says:

    Where the hell’s my prize? If I don’t have it tonight, then I joined the Vast Anti-China Conspiracy (TM) for nothing!

    • sinostand says:

      Well you are indeed probably the favorite at this point. If you win I can give you the prize at our annual Anti-China Forces fall jamboree. You know the location, same as always…The West.

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