Video: Applying to join the Chinese Communist Party

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Politics
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I’ll soon be making some video content for this site, so to test my capability I’ve subtitled my favorite music video of all time for you. In it, a young man sings about how he summoned the inspiration to write his essay for applying to the Communist Party. After seeing this guy perform on CCTV recently, I confirmed that this is NOT a parody. It no doubt reflects the reality of how young students come to join the party. Enjoy.


If you want to learn this for KTV (as I’m sure you do) here are the Chinese lyrics. It’s called “入党申请书” (Application to join the party) by Jiang Tao 江涛,

  1. justrecently says:

    That was brutal.

  2. foarp says:

    I like how he rhymed 请党考验我 with 请党考验我 . . . snappy.

  3. Nancy Hey says:

    That must have been before the Tienanmen Square incident?

  4. justrecently says:

    Incident? Which incident?

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